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50 CENT - Before I Self Destruct (2009)

Fiddys back and he is droppin it like its hot. This is fourth studio album by 50 Cent containing 16 jaw droppin bombs, with blazin rhymes and dope beats (well at least some of them). Honestly i am not really a big fan of Fifty. A good hip hop song for me usually an amalgamation of good story telling, like Eminem and crazy catchy riffs on the spinners and not to forget catchy sing along choruses as a bonus. Well, for the radios, they usually go for the beats. No matter if you are a good rapper or not, if your got ill beats, they gon play you.

Does this album got what it takes? I dont know. "Psycho" was a good collabo track between 50 and Eminem with Dre behind studio glass. "Death To My Enemy" is another Dre produced song, gangsta? yes. memorable? No. "OK You're Right" is OK. The beat is a thumbs up. "Baby By Me" featuring Ne-yo is the only track that I give a two thumbs up. Good beat, the rhyme is ok and the catchy chorus courtecy of Ne-yo. A radio favorite indeed. Get this one if you like Fiddy.

Oh, the cover is ugly. What is he trying to prove? Self destruction in the form of a volcanic face? Or is he suffering from some sort of a skin disease complete with all the gangrenous cuts and all? Yuck.


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