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GREEN DAY - American Idiot (2004)

The only reason why am I putting this 2004 album is because it was so hard for me to get this album on the net when I finally decided that it was the time for me to try and give this album a proper listening. Green Day had just released their 2009 album titled 21st Century Breakdown a couple of months ago by the way and I think I shall wait for another couple more years before I give that one a try.

After wimping out with a couple of "mature" albums, it was a relief to see this most popular punk rock band on the planet doing the hard political stuff again. Although Wake Me Up When September Ends was the typical ballad following the Good Riddance (time of your life) formula and I have to admit that the song was a very good, radio friendly and listenable song.

One thing for sure, without Green Day and Offspring, MTV pop punk bands in the likes of Good Charlotte, Sum 41 and Simple Plan would still be in their respective garages playing to the ears of their moms and dads.


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