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CHICO DEBARGE - Addiction (2009)

This is Chico Debarge's sixth album and it's called Addiction. If you like Chico's brand of sexy and silky smooth voice, I am very sure that you will fall in love with this album. All 15 tracks in it too. Always a prolific writer, that husky vocal tone of Debarge as heavily featured in songs like "Oh N0", "She Loves Me" and "I Want You" will surely melt the hearts and souls of every female creature on this good earth. Although it was quite surprising that I have found a few vocal glitches here and there. Like in "She Loves Me", it's quite funny to listen to Debarge missing hitting a high falsetto note in one particular part in that song. It sure ruined my evening. Musically this album is an excellent composition. You will find a few jazz here and there. Over all it is still a good album. Well, at least musically for me. Apart from that, its just not my cup of tea.

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