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DAUGHTRY - Leave This Town (2009)

Number one in the Billboard's 200 chart. This is the band's second album and yes despite the lead singer is Chris Daughtry of the American Idol fame, this is a five piece rock band with the name Daughtry. When I first started to feast my ears to the album, it was with the song "Ghost Of Me". Catchy and poppish hook, angry but listenable and it showcased Daughtry's powerful vocals touching the high notes with out any problem. Definitely a friend to the radios. "Open Up Your Eyes" and "Traffic Light" started with a clean guitar riffing before bursting into a catchy and strong chorus.

All I can say is that if you like good and solid rock album with poppish hooks then this album is for you. All 19 tracks were meant to showcase Daughtry's powerful vocals. If you are looking for a guitar hero type rock like those bands we used to have from the good ol' 80's, this album is not for you. Makes me wonder, is this a real rock band or just Chris Daughtry and his back up band?


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