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ROB THOMAS - Cradle Song (2009)

Hello there Mr. Rob Thomas. It has been a while since we saw this guy with a new album. Thus here is his latest album called Cradlesong. The country influenced title track was ok but I am expecting more out of him though. A mellow number but highly potential to be a sentimental classic. The introduction in "Fire on the Mountain" got some folky, navajo chant-esque and tribal feel before bursting into its heavy rock mode for the chorus. Too repetetive for me. "Hard On You" and "Still Aint Over You" were OK songs but it failed to register into my head. The only song that I can put into my listenable list was the song "Someday". Beautiful lyric about separation that everybody can relate to if you are going through a divorce or something. It is a good album in its own league but you will have to really sink into the album a couple or more of times before the songs can really register. I like "Someday" though, very much.


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