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EMINEM - Relapse (2009)

This album was a very very hard album to find online. So if you want to download and preview this album before actually going out and buying the physical CD, which you will mostly do since the power of the brand itself was a hypnotizing cast of spell, from your favorite record store, I suggest you download this one quick before it became unavailable. This is Eminem's latest album, Relapse. I got to know there was another 2009 release called "After the Relapse". I did not have the time to find out whether it was an unreleased, b-sides or a mixtape release. The fight Eminem got in with Mariah Carey was a good move to promote the album. Both of them got "diss" songs on each others album prompting the fans to buy both of them to hear what they were actually saying about each other. The oldest trick in the book.


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